The server includes a various number of "Ranks". Apart from the obvious Admin and Moderators. There are a number of other ranks. These are pay to achieve and include a number of bonus's that still provide a legitimate world. Having the VIP ranks only increases the gameplay feel AND helps support the server. This command list is limited to the Build server only. Note: Bold commands are commands or features open to those ranks on the industrial servers.  

Basic MemberEdit

Basic members have very few in-game plugin commands. these are as follows.

  • /Build - Teleports you to the main build spawn
  • /build2 - Teleports you to the smaller build 2.0 map.
  • /trade - Teleports you to the main trade world
  • /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn of the current world you are in.
  • /compass - Gives you a compass reading
  • /sethome - Sets your home on a map.
  • /home - Teleports you home on that map
  • /help - Shows an incomplete yet useful list of commands. 
  • /kit minecart - Gives you a free minecart. 
  • /m or /msg or /tell [Player] <Message> - Send a private message to member
  • /r <Message> - Replies to the last private message sender. 
  • /iteminfo - Shows item id for shops
  • /search <Block Name> - Show the block ID regardless of it being in your hand or not
  • /who - Shows the full list of people online and their Rank
  • /Money - shows your current balance
  • /money pay [Player MC name] <Amount> - 'Transfer money from your account to another members. 

VIP 1Edit

VIP membership is the cheapest VIP possible costing $5 monthly.

  • + All basic commands
  • /nether - Teleports you to the nether portal at spawn
  • /me <Message> - Emotes a message

VIP 2Edit

VIP2 is the middle tier of the membership. This rank provides access to all below commands. This costs $10 per month.

  • +All basic commands
  • +All VIP 1 Commands

/top - Teleport the player to the topmost block of where you are standing. Note if you are in a cave this will teleport you to the surface.

VIP 3Edit

VIP3 is one of the most commonly bought VIP packages. Costing $15 per month it provides acces to all player commands available on minecraft. You also get access to a cool Pink name to distinguish you from other members. 

  • +All Basic Commands
  • +All VIP 1 Commands
  • +All VIP 2 Commands
  • /Kit stone - Gives the player a basic tool kit of stone. 1 Shovel, 1 Pick, 1 Axe and 1 Sword. This can only be used once every 10 minutes
  • /ptime <time flag> or /mytime <Time Flag> - Sets the players client side to a specific time. Note time flags are :Morning, Noon, Evening and Midnight
  • /hat - Places the current block on the players head: note this is most useful with a torch or glowstone block to provide local light in tunnels. 
  • /north, /south, /east, /west - teleports you to the 8k stations in this direction. Note this is the old directions.