There are currently three seperate servers running under the Godcraft Banner; Build, Creative Test, Industrial Craft and Godcraft Adventures. 

Build Server (BS)Edit

The original server. This server is a Vanilla server and the largest of the three. With over 2000 whitelisted members. This server features 2 build worlds, Nether and PVP. 

Creative Test Edit

This server is open to all members of Godcraft and is a creative test server. It's purpose is to provide a testing ground for various builds.

Industrial Server (IC)Edit

This Server is the second largest server. It is a  modded server including various mods such as; Industrial Craft, Buildcraft, Forestry and a large amount of other mods. You can download the unique client from the forums.

Currently this server is still 1.2.5

Godcraft Adventures (GCA).Edit

The final server is an up to date version of the Industrial Craft server. To add to the server, it is open to play to anyone, with a few restrictions on the free members. You can apply for the server here , and download the unique launcher from the forum reply. 

There are a few issues with the GCA launcher. You can find ways around this here.