The server being as old as it is obviously contains a vast number of projects. This section gives a quick overview of some of the biggest projects in the godcraft world. A full list of projects with essential information can be found here.




The Moria project draws inspiration from the hit film adaptations of The lord of the Rings. Tis project is extremely extensive and one of the earliest projects of the server being started just days after launch. the entire project features 3 large halls and even a copy of the rift (That gandalf falls into).

Evertree VillageEdit

Made entirely of logs and their minecraft subsequent blocks. This village features many homes designed to look like potatoes, with a vast number of wooden walkways.
Img 105487



Another early project. this project is the leargest on the server and features many small castles, homes and even a copy of camalot cathedral.


Started nearly 6 months after the begining of the server. Reef is a large beach style city, featuring coloured coral and an obsidian boat.

New VenatumEdit

The home of Godcraft's coleseum. New venatum is a large project near spawn which is a large roman style build. Featuring large builds, temples and homes it encorporates a vast number of blocks to bring a t


The Colluseum

ruely realistic effect.