This is the new feature i installed in derp its a PVP arena where you can kill other players and gain rewards or in other words KP -Skooker99MOD== The PVP arena is a new feature I added on derp

Its a big stage where killing is allowed using deadly lava as a weapon you kill enemies by either using skills with deadly lava or by spleefing them to oblivion!!!

Rewards are added for the last man standing or the person who wins the Solo battle

Kinds of Battles

1.Duel-At duel you battle 1 vs 1 to the death in the arena first person to kill the enemy wins and gets a reward

2.Battle Royale-In the Battle Royale you can either pick handicapped or Fair battle Handicapped battles will give the handicapped team more rewards when they kill the other team with higher amount of players at Fair battle each team has to kill the other team and there should be at least 1 player left for a team to win if no players are left there will be a draw and both teams will have NO rewards

3.Guild Wards-Guild wars are a special kind of battle between 10 OR MORE PLAYERS this epic battle will give you X5 OF THE KP you win but care losing will need you to pay 5000 KP to the Arena Admins

Good Luck and Have Fun Playing GodCraft The Creative MMO