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SuperNinten64 one of the 4 creators of GodCraft

Tutorial of GODCRAFT{an mmorpg for minecraft classic} This Tutorial is presented by:Skooker99{Mod}== First GodCraft is a minecraft classic MMORPG{Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game} Made by 4 players{See the basics for the names}and Brave New World a classic minecraft server made by rx80{Server Owner}

So you start off at Nexus{Main Town} Nexus has what we call the Corruption cloud{The main quest is to destroy this thing}So you start at spawn talk to Skooker99 hes inside the spawn{guy with dual blades on his back} and finish the quest the quest isnt that hard but still needs some practice going near the Shadow Mander will make it attack you summoning lava near the only place where you can enter and kill it i reccoment using the entrance with out the water since its faster but for extra security use the one with water so you wont fall down to your death after finishing this quest you gain 100KP{Kp is used to trade for rewards} and some starter gear and you get another quest to find the king of the castle find him and get 500KP well after this you can ask around to get to know the game better and become the strongest player

P.S:you can really become the strongest XD

P.S.S:Just kidding :p