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Welcome to the GodCraft WikiEdit

Welcome to the Godcraft Wiki, here you will find server rules, guides on how to get started with useful hints and tips, information on all the best projects godcraft has to offer and more!

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About Godcraft:Edit

First up, a little history as this is one of the main things that stands Godcraft apart from other Minecraft servers.

Founded in 2010 by Kane Hart, Godcraft was a server like many others, a generic flat square of a spawn with lazy griefers determined to damage the immediate area and dedicated players building huge, impressive communities some distance away. With many Minecraft updates changing the very nature of the game Godcraft succumbed to the need to reset and restart with a freshly generated map (and all the biome/resource changes that came with it), alas a few days into this reset and another major map generation change was released so it was reset again. NEVERMORE! Cried Kane, fearful that continued resets would make his server the same as every other upstart, no more resets....forever! That was in October 2010 and the same world map we had then is still going now even after some major biome updates and direction changes....if there's one thing we learn from this, it's that Kane is a stubborn goat!

That decision not to reset combined with a $10 donation to get on the whitelist ensured that players creations we're protected and soon vast, impressive [projects] and a huge community transport network along with community funded and built superstructures sprung up all over the 16,000 x 16,000 map, something few other servers could achieve and even fewer still that forced players to collect their resources manually and use no world editing tools.

Fast forward to July 2012, the [Build Server] still exists, a legacy the community will not let pass, but times have changed and new servers have appears reigniting the community spirit of days gone by. Now as then worlds are protected and with an array of [Mods] new content and ways to build have brought old blood and new to Godcraft and once again large player based projects and a community rail network are being constructed on the new Godcraft: Adventures server.

Do you have what it takes to become a Minecraft Legend? Could you make your mark and join a long standing, welcoming community? Join us on [Godcraft: Adventures] and make your mark on Minecraft history!

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